The Space Race

Follow the race between the Soviet Union and US to put the first man on the moon with our interactive timeline
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The Berlin Airlift

Check out our interactive timeline of the 1948-49 Berlin Airlift, which began this week 65 years ago…
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Titanic sinking

How the Titanic sank

Our interactive timeline shows you how the final moments played out for this huge “unsinkable” ship.
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The Gunpowder Plotters

The Gunpowder Plot Timeline

Discover the history behind celebrating Guy Fawkes Night in the UK with this interactive timeline
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Vostok 1 Launch

Journey to Vostok 1

All About History takes a look at some of the key developments that led to sending the first human in space
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Telescope Timeline

All About History reveals how the visual amplification device has evolved century by century
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