Cross Section Of An F-86 Sabre Fighter Plane. Blog

The ferocious F-86 Sabre

Considered the foremost military aircraft of the Fifties, the F-86 Sabre was a highly versatile fighter jet as fast as it was lethal
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Roman forts

Discover how the Roman invaders constructed their many strongholds around Britain
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Battering rams

How did these massive siege machines break down city walls?
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Inside a medieval monastery

A life of rigorous schedules and self-sacrifice, the monastery was the intellectual and cultural powerhouse of medieval Europe
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Da Vinci’s flying machine

Discover the operation of one of Da Vinci’s most famous aviation designs, the ornithopter
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Supermarine Spitfire

Arguably the most iconic fighter aircraft of the Second World War, the RAF Spitfire to this day is championed for its prowess, grace and versatility
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Hoplite warriors

We look at the major armour and weapons used by these elite soldiers in Ancient Greece
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Florence Cathedral

Crowned with the largest masonry dome in the world, Florence’s Duomo is a Renaissance masterpiece
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The wonders of Angkor Wat

Part of an ancient Cambodian capital, Angkor Wat was the spiritual epicentre of the Khmer Empire
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The Tiger tank

The German heavy tank of choice during WWII, the Tiger was a formidable adversary
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Ancient Roman gladiatorial combat was famed for its brutality and spectacle, with man and beast alike fighting for glory, freedom and, ultimately, survival
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U-boats explained

How did these advanced German submarines reap so much havoc during both the World Wars?
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