Five amazing facts about Pharaohs


  1. Ramesses II had more than six wives during his reign, but more incredible still is the amount of children. He had 60 daughters and 96 sons which are depicted on several monuments
  2. The first Pharaoh was Narmer (or Menes). Before his reign Egypt was split into two kingdoms – the red crown and the white crown. He united the two kingdoms and founded the capital where the two lands met.
  3. Pepi II despised flies so much that he had naked slaves smeared with honey. He kept these slaves nearby to deter the flies from landing on him.
  4. Despite being meticulous shavers, Pharaohs often wore fake beards, commonly depicted on sarcophagi. This was to make themselves resemble Gods – most notably Osiris, and was even taken up by some female pharaohs such as Hatshepsut.
  5. Perhaps one of the most famous Pharaohs of all time, Cleopatra was not actually Egyptian. She was descended from a line of Greek Macedonians.