Win a Haynes Manual bundle worth over £120

Since the first Owner’s Workshop Manual (the Austin Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite, 1966) iconic publisher Haynes has applied its meticulous, technical and in-depth format to a whole new range of topics. As well as aviation, space travel and even sci-fi, the realms of military history have also received the Haynes treatment. Everything from the Mary Rose to the Tiger Tank has been broken down by renowned experts into accessible, engrossing detail.

This issue, History of War subscribers have the exclusive chance to win this incredible book bundle of five titles, which add up to a combined total prize value of £120.98. Have a look below for more details on these fantastic titles! For your chance to win, simply answer the simple question below and have your Subscriber ID ready.


Avro Vulcan Owners’ Workshop Manual 

For years the RAF’s iconic Vulcan bomber was the centre of Britain’s nuclear deterrent. This manual details jet bomber’s operational history, takes a close-up look at its construction and reveals what it took to fly and maintain the mighty V-bomber.






Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank Owners’ Workshop Manual

Author Dick Taylor gives authoritative insight into the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the British Army’s main battle tank of the early 21st century. He also details the Challenger’s service in Iraq in 2003 and the instrumental role it played in the early capture of Basra by British Forces.





German Infantryman Operations Manual

During WWII some 13 million men served in the German army. In this manual author Simon Forty looks in detail at the daily experiences of the German soldier, his life in training and in the field, his weapons, uniform and accoutrements, as well as a guide to the tactics applied in combat.






Blackburn Buccaneer 1958-94 Owners’ Workshop Manual

Designed as a Royal Navy carrier-borne aircraft, the Blackburn/BAe Buccaneer later went on to serve with the RAF and the South African Air Force. Tasked with delivering nuclear weapons and conventional ordnance from carriers, the Navy transferred its Buccaneers to the RAF in 1969.






Spirit of St Louis Owners’ Workshop Manual

When Charles Lindbergh landed near Paris on 21 May 1927, less than 34 hours after his departure from New York, he became the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. This manual relates the story of this epic flight, as well as the design and construction of Lindbergh’s Spirit of St Louis.