Win the Haynes Flak 88 Owners’ Workshop Manual

The Flugzeugabwehrkanone, more commonly known as the Flak 88, was used throughout WWII as an anti-aircraft weapon, but was also deployed to fire directly on enemy armour.

It caused havoc for Bomber Command raids, with its accuracy and rapid rate of fire bringing down many aircraft over the course of the war. Although it may not have the same reputation as the Panzer VI, the iconic tank’s main armament was in fact adapted from the Flak 88.

The Haynes Flak 88 Owners’ Workshop Manual provides a full dissection of the weapons’ design features and history

Through its characteristic detailed illustrations and graphics, the Haynes Flak 88 Manual takes you through the history, tactics and technical aspects of this impressive but deadly weapon. Author Chris McNab explores the origins of the gun’s design, its many iterations, as well as details of the various ammunition it utilised.

Beyond the weapon itself, the manual also describes the crews who manned the Flak 88, as well as how the weapons performed in the several theatres in which they were deployed.

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