Win two WWI model kits from Airfix

During this final centenary year of WWI, it’s staggering to reflect on just how far military technology has developed in 100 years. Nowhere is this more apparent than in aviation, where just a century ago airmen from several nations were embarking on an entirely new type of warfare.

History of War and Airfix are offering you the chance to test your creative skills with two quality model kits of planes from this nascent era of aviation. The Fokker Eindecker, Germany’s first purpose-built fighter plane, proved very effective against its British and French counterparts.


You have the chance to win one Fokker Eindecker and a British BE2c Night Fighter kit, to construct and enjoy


The Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c night fighter was on the frontline of Britain’s air defences against German airship raids. Lieutenant William Leefe Robinson famously flew these planes and earned the Victoria Cross after becoming the first pilot to down a German airship over Britain, in September 1916.


The BE2c Night Fighter was used in defence of Germany’s air ship raids during WWI


Three lucky winners will receive both a BE2c and an Eindecker model kit to carefully construct, paint and enjoy.

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