The Chalke Valley History Festival Is On Now!

Festival landscape

The UK’s largest festival dedicated entirely to history started today in Salisbury, and will run until Sunday 29 June. If you want to go, then visit their website where you can buy some tickets.

This year, the festival is even bigger and better than ever with battle re-enactments, air shows and military vehicle displays, shooting/archery lessons, and talks from some of the biggest names in history, including prominent historians Dan Snow, Kate Adie and Antony Beevor. Tickets for these talks are selling very quickly, so get in fast before you miss out on a fantastic opportunity!

The festival promises to be one of the biggest events of the year and is perfect for families or anybody interested in history. What’s more, this glorious summer weather means you can still spend your day in the sun whilst having a great time mingling with like-minded enthusiasts!