Memorial Museum for 9/11 Terrorist Attacks to be Dedicated Tomorrow


The long-awaited memorial museum created in memory of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York does not open until 21 May, but starting tomorrow the museum will have a six-day dedication period that begins with a ceremony to be attended by President Obama and New York politicians. The steel and glass museum will be home to more than 10,000 artifacts, 23,000 photographs and 500 hours of film and video.

Such items include the mangled steel beams from the collapsed towers and the survivors’ staircase that hundreds of people used to escape the buildings as they came tumbling down. Portraits and profiles describe all of the victims, which numbers almost 3,000. One story includes the memories of the mother who went for a birthday dinner with her daughter in the Windows on the World restaurant, the night before her daughter died in the towers. The museum also looks at the lead up to 9/11, and the legacy it has left behind.

Entry to the museum will cost $24, a price that some people have criticised, despite an annual running cost of $60 million.

Visit our youtube page for an exclusive look into a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum.

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