More People Wounded in Kiev as Violence Escalates

The anti-government protests, which have taken hold of Kiev for the past two months, are still continuing as thousands of demonstrators threw rocks and firebombs and set police cars on fire. Dozens were injured and 100 police officers sought medical attention, with 61 being admitted to hospital. The police responded with stun guns, tear gas and water cannons, but were fiercely outnumbered by the protestors. 4 police buses were burned.

Klitschko, leader of the Udar (Punch) Party and reigning world heavyweight boxing champion, attempted to defuse the situation and calm the protestors down, but failed and was sprayed by a fire extinguisher in the process. With temperatures falling as low as -7degrees the protestors, numbering up to 100,000, were rallying against new laws restricting the ability for people to carry out public protests, including the provision to arrest protestors wearing hats or helmets and a ban on the unauthorised installation of tents, stages or amplifiers in public places.

Klitschko claimed that “Ukraine is united as never before in its struggle against those in power today in its determination not to allow a dictatorship”.