Syria Accused of Execution of 11,000


According to 3 former war crime prosecutors, there is clear evidence that Syria has abused, tortured and executed 11,000 of its own people since the start of the uprising. After examining thousands of images of dead prisoners smuggled out of Syria by a defector, one author claims that there was evidence of government involvement in the scandal, an accusation that Damascus has strongly denied.

According to the investigators, most of the bodies in the photos were emaciated, with many of them beaten or strangled, as well as the loss of eyes and signs of electrocution. Other bodies were seen to have been bound or restrained.

The report comes just one day before peace talks are set to begin in Geneva, seen as an effort to end the 3 year conflict that has seen more than 100,000 killed and millions more displaced from their homes.

The report can be seen here.