UK Exclusive: New WWII doc reveals unseen B-17 combat footage

History of War magazine is pleased to share the UK EXCLUSIVE trailer for The Cold Blue, a new documentary that follows bomber crews of the Eighth Air Force as they embark on dangerous missions over Occupied Europe, during 1943.

The film features gloriously remastered, previously unseen colour footage shot by legendary American director William Wyler, who flew with the B-17 bomber crews on their combat missions while making his own documentary Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress, released in 1944.

The film also features several interviews with surviving Eighth Air Force veterans, who share their incredible memories. Directed by renowned documentarian Erik Nelson, the film is a tribute to the incredible bravery of these airmen and their sacrifice in the struggle to liberate Europe from Nazi occupation.

“This project was a labour of love that has been three years in the making, from the discovery of William Wyler’s original footage to working closely with the National Archives to restore it frame by frame,” said Nelson. “We’re excited to finally share this special project with audiences and to celebrate the last of the best — the men who risked their lives to save the world 75 years ago.”

The Cold Blue can be seen on the big screen for one night on 4th July, 2019 at cinemas across the UK and Ireland. Tickets for the event can be purchased here: