Welcome to History of War

Welcome to the website for History of War magazine, a brand new magazine dedicated to the exploration of armed conflict throughout the ages.

Each issue will be packed with features written by world-renowned historians and military experts, providing you with accurate, entertaining and enlightening information, such as…

Greatest Battles: An informed analysis of tactics used and how the events unfolded in some of the most significant battles in military history.

Military Masterstrokes: A behind-the-scenes look at some of the key turning points in wars and campaigns.

Tools of the Trade: From medieval swords to sniper rifles, we look at the weapons that have been utilised throughout history.

Back to the Past: We visit battlegrounds ancient and modern with eyewitness accounts of how these haunting places look and feel now.

Leaders of Men: From Roman Generals to tank commanders, we present the men that made military history.

News and Reviews: the latest events, books, films, DVDs, Apps and models… We’ll tell you what’s coming and what we think of the latest offerings.

Plus in the first issue of History of War features a 10-page examination of the Schlieffen Plan and the German invasion of Belgium and France during WWI; a feature detailing the American campaign in the Far East during WWII; a look at the events that lead to the start of the first Gulf War and much, much more.

The first issue of History of War will be available from 6 February 2014. Please click on the How to Buy tab for further information or why not take out a subscription?