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With partners Osprey Publishing and Osprey Games, History of War is offering readers the chance to win a massive prize bundle of books and board games, worth over £150!

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Undaunted: Normandy and Undaunted: Reinforcements: Revised Edition

Undaunted is the award-winning Second World War deckbuilding game where two players deploy their forces, seize the initiative and manoeuvre forces on the battlefield to gain victory. There’s no small amount of risk and reward involved, as each turn of the cards can make the difference between success and failure, and to win you have to out-think as well as outgun your opponent. 2023’s Undaunted: Reinforcements brings even greater depth and variety to the critically acclaimed base game, with new units such as American and German tanks, as well as the range of other Undaunted expansion boxes.   

D-Day 1944: The deadly failure of Allied heavy bombing on June 6

Though the amphibious assault on Normandy was ultimately successful, there is one stark yet overlooked failure that could have made a huge difference to events on the beaches: the Allied pre-assault aerial bombing. Why were the bombers of Eighth Air Force and Bomber Command so ineffective prior to D-Day and how did this impact the battle on the ground? Stephen A. Bourque explains this and more in his fascinating study.  

Tanks of D-Day 1944: Armor on the beaches of Normandy and southern France

The armour used on 6 June 1944 was critical to Allied success, on the beaches and beyond: from the Duplex Drive (or Donald Duck) Shermans to the ‘Funnies’ deployed to clear the path ahead of mines and obstacles. In this meticulous book, acclaimed historian and author breaks down not only the vehicles that served Operation Overlord, but also the often overlooked Operation Dragoon: the landings in southern France. 

Smashing Hitler’s Guns: The Rangers at Pointe-du-Hoc, D-Day 1944

One of the most incredible and daring feats of D-Day was the Rangers’ attack at Point-du-Hoc. After scaling the 100-foot sheer cliff face from the beach below, the Americans fought through German fire, only to find their objective, a battery of naval guns, were gone. What transpired next became the stuff of legend as the Rangers continued their mission, despite heavy casualties, to hunt down and put the guns out of action. 

The Hill: The brutal fight for Hill 107 in the Battle of Crete

Robert Kershaw’s latest book recounts the German attack on the Allies’ final foothold in Greece in 1941, through the lens of one key position: a hill on the north-west of the island of Crete. With first-hand accounts from both Allied officers and men, as well as their German adversaries, Kershaw provides a vivid and compelling account of the events surrounding the battle, as well as the devastating combat. 

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