Download your 3 eBooks with History of War issue 106.

Inside History of War issue 106, readers can download three of our History bookazines, including the Book of the Romanovs, Story of the Eastern Front and Book of the Russian Revolution. Complete the form here to claim your free books.

In Book of the Romanovs, we reveal the scandalous rise of this royal dynasty, from the surprise ascent of Tsar Michael I and the enlightened reign of Peter the Great, to the tragic abdication and murder of Tsar Nicholas II in the midst of World War I.

Story of the Eastern Front, recounts the conflict from June 1941 to May 1945, when Nazi Germany and the USSR were locked in a death struggle upon which the fate of the world, let alone the Second World War, depended.

Book of the Russian Revolution explores the causes, consequences and the key people and events that influenced one of the most important transitions a society has ever experienced, and one that still has severe repercussions today.