Richard III’s real story, Elizabeth II at 90, and more in History of Royals issue 1

For better or for worse, there’s one force that’s irrevocably shaped the course of civilisation. From scandal, wars and destruction to revolution and restoration, royal dynasties have endured – or caused – the worst of history. In launching History of Royals, we want to share with you the stories that changed history forever.

In our inaugural issue of History of Royals, explore the legend of the last Plantagenet king. More than five centuries after his death, has time been unkind to King Richard III?

Elsewhere in issue 1:

  • 90 Glorious Years of Elizabeth II
  • Wilhelm II: A Kaiser Without a Kingdom
  • Marie Antoinette‘s Extreme Makeover
  • The Righteous Rage of Olga of Kiev
  • The Battle of Tewkesbury
  • Essential guide to the Romanovs
  • Inside Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Lucy Worsley interviewed

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