The Saviour of London: History of Royals issue 6 out now!

Inside the latest issue of History of Royals, find out how the Great Fire of 1666 was the making of Charles II, uncover the Anglo-Saxon queen that killed for the crown, and take a tour of King Francis I’s Château de Chambord.

Charles II and the Great Fire

Discover how the Merry Monarch brought London back from the brink of destruction during the Great Fire of 1666

Mother & Murderer

The first woman to be crowned as England’s queen, Elfrida misremembered today only for the bloody murder of her stepson, King Edward the Martyr


Inside Château de Chambord

Explore the glorious château that offer a fascinating tapastry of historical and architectural gems



Also inside the magazine:

  • The Monmouth Rebellion
  • Betraying Napoleon
  • How Europe’s ruling elite fought the plague
  • The last king of Italy
  • The House of Vasa
  • Russia’s long lost Fabergé egg
  • The latest royal news from around the world
  • King Cnut: England’s Viking overlord

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