All About History Annual available today!

This bookazine is a collection of the very best content that has appeared in All About History this year, and includes people, moments and discoveries that altered the course of history forever. We have included some of the most popular stories, as well as including some lesser-known aspects of history for you to learn about and enjoy.

Inside you will find…

The epic story of man’s conquest of the skies, from the Wright brothers to supersonic flight


We unravel the myths of Robin Hood, is there any truth in the stories of this heroic vagabond?


And also…

50 events that changed the world

– From Ancient Greece to 9/11, we reveal the story behind history’s game changers

Heroes & Villains

– Meet history’s most controversial characters, from Al Capone to JFK

Victory & Defeat

– Delve into the action from some of history’s defining battles, including Waterloo and WWII

Exploration & Discovery

– Learn about the key people, moments and discoveries that shaped the modern world

You can get your hands on this wealth of historic goodness by clicking here, or picking it up in all good newsagents.