All About History Book of World War II now available!


Our brand new bookazine, the All About History: Book of World War II is now available from the ImagineShop and all good newsagents. 

The Second World War left indelible marks on both the landscape and the people, not just of Britain and Germany, but the world. This book aims to put the well-known stories, memories and ruins of the war into context, and bring to life the events that led to these lasting changes. Find out how the war began, who fought and made key decisions throughout its duration, and how, after years of conflict, it finally came to an end. See the chronology of the war through evocative images, read detailed accounts and gain an insight into what it was like to live during the period with this compendium of the last world war.

Inside you will find…

Mapping the war
– Operational maps to give you a visual guide to how the war developed

Key events covered
– In-depth guides to all the defining moments of the war

The main players
– Biographies of the men and women who shaped the war

Amazing images
– Stunning, evocative photographs that show the reality of war

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