All About History Issue 3 Free Preview

This month, All About History explores the excesses of power, the tales of bloody rulers and the ambitions of an English king desperate to make his mark in history. Also check out the thrilling Battle of Waterloo, a guided tour of the Notre Dame Cathedral and an Anatomy of a fully kitted out US paratrooper from World War II.

Henry VIII the warlord

The Tudor’s military triumphs & disastrous defeats

Discover Henry’s epic conquests, his military disasters and his closest allies during his struggle to secure the Tudor dynasty.



10 murderous kings

Which ruler has the bloodiest hands?

Find out which rulers have stacked up the largest body count and discover their most savage crimes.



What caused the Great War?

20 key events that led to global conflict.

Unravel the events that led up to the most destructive conflict in human history.

great war


The real Dracula 

Vlad the Impaler – folk hero or folk devil?

Meet the man known to inspire Bram Stoker’s Dracula and uncover why he gained his grisly reputation.



Eye Witness to Hiroshima

“All we could see of the city was smoke and dust”

Read the eye witness account of when the atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima and changed the world forever.