All About History Issue 4 on sale 19th of September – check out the free preview

Coming up this month, All About History uncovers the private battle between Napoleon and Wellington as they fought to out do one another and carve out their legacies across the blood stained fields of Napoleonic Europe. Also check out Caesar’s rise to power, an eyewitness account of the destruction of the US pacific fleet at Pearl Harbour and 10 infamous outlaws. Only in All About History Issue 4!

Napoleon Vs Wellington

Two of the greatest war heros of all time and their quest to best one another on and off the battlefield. See their greatest battles, victories and accomplishments.

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Attack on Pearl Harbour

Experience the horrifying surprise attack on Pearl Harbour through the eyes of Seamen First Class Walter Charles Ebel.

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Caesar: The Rise to Power

Discover the ambition and genius of the man who ruled the greatest power in the ancient world.


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