All About History issue preview – Medieval medicine, the mighty Mycenae, John Dillinger

Plus Fritz Lang versus the Nazis, the battles that saved England, forgotten women artists and much more!

There was much more to medieval medicine than you might expect. It’s true that leeches, bloodletting and horoscopes were used a little more than was advisable and ideas about cleanliness and pain-relief would be some centuries away, but there was much about health care in the middle ages that is remarkably well-observed. The leading minds of their era came up with some incredible remedies.

You can discover the truth about medieval medicine in the latest issue of All About History, available now at a newsstand near you and available to order from MagazinesDirect. Here’s a closer look at our medieval medicine feature and the other fascinating stories you can explore in All About History 144.

We delve deep into the bloody and often messy, but remarkably inventive world of medieval medicine in this feature from Elma Brenner. What were the theories and beliefs that inspired the doctors of the middle ages? And are there any remedies that are still being used today? Find out in this feature.

Who were the Mycenae? Predating the ancient Greeks and their famous rulers, the Mycenae became a people of legend and myth, most famously fighting in the Trojan War. But they were a real civilisation and a very powerful one at that. Now you can uncover everything you need to know about their empire.

Controlling the media and pushing propaganda were high on the list of priorities for Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich. However, they were unable to convince one of the greatest directors of the era, Fritz Lang, to join them. What’s more, he found ways to mock the Führer in exile.

John Dillinger was one of the last great outlaws of American history whose exploits during the Great Depression made him something akin to a folk hero. However, the manhunt to capture him was a catalyst for the creation of the FBI. Was Dillinger worthy of his public enemy tag?

Largely ignored in history’s of England, the year 1217 was a pivotal one in the nation that would emerge following the Magna Carta and the Barons’ Wars against King John. At one point, there was even a Frenchman proclaimed King of England! We get the full story from Catherine Hanley

Also in this issue of All About History:

  • We go behind the scenes with Tate Britain to learn about their new exhibition on forgotten women artists form throughout history and their impact on the nation.
  • How did the hippy movement come about and what lasting legacy did it leave behind? We answer these questions and much more in our dedicated front section.
  • How might WWII have played out differently if Stalingrad had fallen to the onslaught of the Nazis? We find out by interviewing Dr David S Stone.

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