Discover Gothic Horror in Issue 100 of SciFiNow!

From Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the works of Edgar Allan Poe, the gothic literature genre conjures up dark images of dimly lit rooms illuminated by strips of moonlight and the flutter of raven’s wings. The popularity of gothic fiction went on to irrevocably affect architecture, culture and even the pillars of society itself. The 100th issue of SciFiNow offers readers a chance to delve into the mind of a modern day crafter of the peculiar, sublime and gothic – Guillermo del Toro.


Guest edited by the Academy award-nominated director of Pacific Rim, Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy, this special edition of SciFiNow offers an unabashed glimpse into the evolution of the gothic horror genre from Dracula to the works of HP Lovecraft and the modern incarnations of gothic horror being created today.


Follow the emergence and development of the creatures that became big screen legends with an A-Z of monster movies.


Packed full with a host of other exclusive features, this is one mammoth edition that you won’t want to miss. You can pick up the new edition of SciFiNow online or from all good newsagents