Download 3 free eBooks with History of War issue 100

This month, History of War is celebrating 100 issues! To mark this milestone, we’re offering readers access to 3 eBook downloads including D-Day (3rd Edition), Heroes of the First World War (3rd Edition) and US Military’s Greatest Battles (3rd Edition).

To mark our 100th issue, the History of War team chose to celebrate and honour our military history heroes from across the decades. Our panel of expert contributors joined us to share their personal military heroes, from ancient Roman generals to unsung Battle of Britain pilot aces. 

Also as part of this special issue you’ll also find the prestigious history of military decorations, from the Purple Heart to the ‘Blue Max’ and beyond. For a very special instalment of our Heroes of the Victoria Cross regular feature, David Smith recounts the unique decoration of the Unknown Warrior and Unknown Soldier each with the US and UK’s highest military honours. 

Elsewhere in this issue, Features Editor Tom Garner spoke with 1st SAS veteran Alec Borrie. He shares his memories fighting behind enemy lines, ambushing German convoys in the build up to and aftermath of the D-Day Landings, 1944

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Inside D-Day: The Story of the Greatest Military Operation in History we tell the remarkable story of Operation Overlord, from the months of meticulous planning and preparation that made it possible, to the invasion itself and the fierce fighting that followed as the Allies fought to liberate France.

We celebrate some of the heroes of the invasion, speak to D-Day veterans as they share their experiences, and discover the Allied leaders who conceived, shaped and executed the ambitious plans.

We look at the role the French Resistance played in the run-up to and during the invasions and how the German response may have helped the Allies gain a vital foothold, while also exploring the potentially devastating consequences for the world if the landings had failed.

Commemorate a century of heroism with Heroes of the First World War. Discover the men – and women – on both sides who stood up for their nations and beliefs, rescued their compatriots from injury and death, and even made the ultimate sacrifice.

From the Harlem Hellfighters battling segregation in their own ranks as well as the German Army, to the fearless medics who set out for the frontline to bring comfort and aid to the troops, to the women on the home front building bombs and farming crops, you’ll discover a wealth of incredible stories of heroism.

Well-known figures like the Red Baron and the Garibaldi brothers are joined by a host of both officers and enlisted men whose conduct on the field was commended at the highest levels, and remembered 100 years later.

In History of War US Military’s Greatest Battles, uncover the key moments that have defined the nation’s history. Explore the Siege of Yorktown, where the tide of the Revolutionary War turned in the Patriots’ favour, and take a wander on the battlefield of the Little Bighorn, where the US Army suffered a crushing defeat against the Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne tribes.

Join the navy in the Battle of the Atlantic, and trace the American Civil War back to its first fight at the First Battle of Bull Run. Turn the page to discover why the United States has come to dominate the sea, sky and land and explore the defining battles that have shaped the nation.

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