Explore History issue 1 takes you around the world and into the past

Nothing really compares to standing in a spot where history happened. From palaces where kings and queens changed the course of countries, to battlefields and shipwrecks that tell stories of conflict, there are so many places filled with history that you can get out there and explore. In every issue of Explore History you’ll find places to visit where history comes to life, from your local museum to the Pyramids of Giza, from searching out history on a city break to the journey of a lifetime.

In Explore History issue 1, we stop off at the 35 greatest World Heritage Wonders, including Angkor Wat, the Acropolis in Athens and Stonehenge.

You’ll also find a guide to discovering clues to the secrets of Machu Picchu on your visit, pondering the unanswered questions of the Inca city.

Also in the issue:

  • Saving the Great Wall of China
  • City Guide: 19th Century Prague
  • In the Footsteps of Elizabeth I
  • 10 Treasures of the National Museum of American History
  • The Birth of the National Trust
  • Dan Jones: My Favourite Places
  • Capability Brown’s Best Gardens
  • Best WWII Museums in France
  • Must-see Highland Castles

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