Great British Map Review

Your guide to every important historical location you could hope to visit

Publisher Marvellous Maps | Price £14.99 | Released Out now

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You would be amazed at how much information you can squeeze onto a map. Actually, looking at the Intrepidly Time-Travelling Great British History Map, you might find yourself a little intimidated by the sheer quantity of historical locations it has managed to pinpoint across Britain. This is a fascinating combination of geography and history packaged in such a way that it could be the perfect accompaniment to anyone looking for some interesting places to visit in the coming months.

The variety and scope of the historic locales that this map charts is impressive. There’s everything in here from monuments to fighters in the Jacobite Uprising, to the location of the world’s first ATM. Spread around the edges of the map are more detailed write-ups of some of Britain’s more famous landmarks, such as Sutton Hoo, Hadrian’s Wall and Stonehenge. Everything is delivered with an approachable tongue-in-cheek manner, with plenty of puns and wordplay to amuse as well as inform.

But that’s just the broad map side of things. Turn the Great British History Map over, and you have a mapped-out road trip taking you to 50 of the nation’s most famous historical landmarks, from Shetland to Penzance. Whether you want to attempt all 50 in one trip (an ambitious goal) or simply tick them off in batches over time, the map includes some tips and links to websites, suggested podcasts, and all sorts of other handy info that you might find useful.


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