History’s ultimate warriors


Roman Heavy Infantry

Roman_legion_at_attack[1] cropped

The strength of the Roman war machine was their highly trained and disciplined infantry. Capable of decimating armies three times their number, the Roman soldier fought in line using his shield and short cutting blade to steam-roller over less disciplined opponents for the glory of Rome

Samurai Warrior



Obeying a strict warrior code and completely loyal to their Shogun, Samurai warriors were the finest Japanese warriors during the Edo period. Skilled in the use of blades and bows, the Samurai were the officers of the Emperor’s armies, skilled in combat and completely dedicated to the pursuit of victory

Indian Brave



Fast, agile and deadly in combat, the Native American brave was capable of overwhelming more disciplined foes through their use of horses and short stabbing weapons. They were expert trackers and used the terrain to their advantage, ambushing the US military and American settlers on the plains of the wild west.

British Commando


British Commando units were established during World War II with one goal. To disrupt, hamper and otherwise create a living nightmare for Hitler and the Nazi war machine. The Commandos were well trained in espionage and irregular warfare, capable of outsmarting large German divisions in occupied Europe.

US Navy SEAL team operator

Navy SEAL photo downloads

Very few military units in the modern world come close to the skill and training of a US Navy SEAL operator. Used primarily for irregular warfare and capable of conducting missions deep into enemy territory, the SEAL team is a small, highly trained strike team capable of dealing death with razor sharp procession