How It Works Book Of Incredible History Volume 2 available now!

2  HIW Incredible History

Packed with fascinating facts, and covering over 200 million years of history, this book is the perfect guide to the world around us. From the dinosaurs to the Romans and jousting to World War I, you’ll discover the key moments that shaped the world into what it is today. Whether you want to take a look inside Buckingham Palace, see how the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling was painted, or how Da Vinci’s flying machine worked, this is the perfect book to educate and entertain, with colourful images and illustrations that bring history to life.

Inside you will find…

Ancient history

– Discover the Great Pyramid, the legacy of the Romans and the ancient Celts.

Iconic landmarks

– Take a closer look at some of the most recognisable structures on Earth.

Incredible weapons

– From medieval times to WWII, find out how weapons have evolved over time.

Amazing inventions

– See how some of the greatest creations came to exist and change the world.

And much more.

Pick up this fantastic new bookazine today and immerse yourself in a world of knowledge.