How many questions will you get right in our ancient Egypt history quiz?

800px-DSC_0088_Sphinx01Ancient Egypt was home to one of the world’s greatest ever civilisations. The pharaohs ruled for over 3,000 years and, party thanks to the natural defences of the river Nile and the surrounding desert, the civilisation was allowed to evolve without outside interference. Read on to see how well you fare in our ancient Egyptian quiz..

1) What part of the great sphinx’s face is missing?

2) In what decade did Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discover Tutankhamen’s tomb?

3) What animal did the ancient Egyptians consider to be scared?

4) What nationality was Cleopatra?

5) Who built the pyramids?




1) The nose

2) 1920s

3) The cat

4) Greek

5) The pyramids were typically built by skilled labourers, not slaves

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