Hunting the Nazi U-boat menace: History of War Issue 25 on sale now!

The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign of the Second World War. For a period of nearly six years German U-boats wreaked havoc on Allied shipping lanes and convoys in an attempt to cripple their capacity to wage war. Thousands of naval crews and merchant seamen lost their lives in the freezing waters of the Atlantic. History of War Issue 25 takes an in-depth look at Allied attempts to stop the U-boat menace and the ingenious technological innovations that eventually secured victory at sea.

Issue 25 also looks at European warfare in the seventeenth century with features about the Battle of Rocroi and the New Model Army. The clash was one of the most decisive battles of the apocalyptic Thirty Years War and saw the end of Spanish dominance in Europe. The New Model Army was England’s first professional standing army and was formed in the fires of the British Civil Wars under the leadership of the powerful, but controversial, Oliver Cromwell.

Elsewhere you can discover how the deadliest swords in history were made and find out about the ten deadliest snipers of modern times.

Also in Issue 25:

-Medal of Honor Hero: Leslie Sabo Jr

-The Briefing: Yom Kippur War

-Operators Handbook: Panavia Tornado

-Artefact of War: WW1 USA Uniform


Chris Kyle American Sniper SEAL Vietnam War Gallipoli White Death Winter War
From ‘The Legend’ Chris Kyle, the real-life American Sniper, to the unassuming Simo Häyhä also known as ‘White Death’, issue 25 takes you through the deadliest snipers of all time.



Rocroi 17th Century France Spain 30 Years War
The Kingdom of France is under threat from a mighty Imperial invasion force – a small clearing near the town of Rocroi is where it will either be broken or continue its victorious march to Paris


Submarines Battle of the Atlantic Allies U-Boats Catalina Flying Boats
During the Battle of the Atlantic a whole new arsenal of incredible technology was developed with one purpose: To seek and destroy the submarines of the Third Reich