The perfect gifts for History lovers this Christmas

All About History and History of War magazines present a fantastic range of gift inspiration – perfect for the armchair general or Tudor court gossip in your life. From detailed tank model kits, to luxury feather quill writing sets, we’ve got you covered this Christmas…

Corgi Military Legends, 1:50 scale Churchill MkIII Tank – 6th Scots Guards Brigade 1943

Build and paint your own scale model of this iconic WWII tank
RRP: £49.99 Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01843 233500

For over 60 years Corgi has prided itself on bringing the highest quality die-cast metal models to the market. Military Legends is a new range from the British Brand which showcases the multitude of vehicles that went to war including military support vehicles alongside striking tanks in 1:50 scale.

Championed by Winston Churchill, who insisted on the production of a new infantry support tank capable of crossing shell holes and trenches on the battlefield, the Churchill proved to be reliable and resilient, with thick frontal armour which made it impervious to all but the most powerful German guns.

Missing: The Need for Closure After the Great War, by Richard Van Emden

A powerful story of loss and grief in the aftermath of WWI
RRP: £20 Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01226 734222

How long would you look for a missing son, even if you knew he was dead? How long could you justify such a search? Two years? Five years? A lifetime? Angela Mond’s son, a Royal Air Force pilot, had been shot down and killed, but where was his body? Using a remarkable collection of previously unseen images, Missing is a sweeping, epic story that is as resonant and relevant today, as a hundred years ago.

Haynes Roman Soldier Manual

Find out what life was like as a Roman soldier with this thorough manual
RRP: £22.99

Unique in many ways the Roman Army was the most feared fighting force of the ancient world. The history of the Roman Empire and its military prowess resounds through the ages. At its height the empire covered five million square kilometres and held sway over seventy million people. This highly illustrated manual gets to grips with what we know about the men of the legions and includes fascinating detail on their kit, equipment, weapons and insignia, fighting formations and battle tactics.

Airfix R.M.S. Titanic Gift Set

Re-construct the iconic liner with this quality model set
RRP: £18.99 Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01843 233500

Airfix Gift Sets include everything needed to create a stunning scale model. With paints, glue, brushes and moulded plastic parts included, this fantastic new kit is the perfect way to build your very own homage to one of the most famous ships in the world. At the time of her launching she was the largest passenger steamship in the world, but is sadly renowned for sinking on her maiden voyage on the 14 April 1912. A multitude of other Airfix kits are available and cover a wide variety of subject matters including aircraft, cars, tanks, figurines and ships.

All About History & History of War
magazine subscription

Discover amazing stories of the past with the world’s leading history titles
3-month All About History Print Subscription (Direct Debit): £8.75

All About History offers an energising alternative to the academic style of existing history magazines, telling the wonderful, fascinating and engrossing stories that make up world history through features, illustrations and infographics. With 13 issues a year, All About History delivers knowledge and entertainment for the whole family.  

Sister title History of War takes you to the heart of past conflicts, from the conquering legions of Ancient Rome to the thunderous tank battles of World War II and beyond. Written by trusted historical authors, the magazine is refreshing, accessible and appealing to history fans of all ages.

Apollo 11 4K Blu-ray

Follow the world-changing event of the Moon landing each step of the way
RRP: £19.99

Released to mark the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings, Apollo 11 is a stunning documentary driven by newly discovered behind–the–scenes footage of events at NASA through the entirety of the programme. This 4K release is the ideal way to enjoy the incredible images, and has additional features such as the story of how the lost 65mm films were found.

Ticket To Ride: Europe

A classic strategy board game, perfect for long winter evenings
RRP: £38.99

Go on a cross-country train adventure! Build the best railway network as you collect cards and use them to claim routes between European cities for points in this family-friendly strategy game. It’s worldwide smash hit that’s one of board gaming’s true modern classics. Choose destination tickets that challenge you to create routes between specific cities for bonus points, but make sure you can finish them or you might face a penalty! This simple and elegantly designed game can be learned within just 15 minutes and enjoyed for a lifetime, with something to offer newbies and seasoned players alike.

The Peasants’ Revolting Crimes

The Horrible Histories author returns with a unique take on Medieval history
RRP: £9.99

This entertaining book is packed full of revolting acts and acts of revolt, revealing how ordinary folk – from nasty Normans to present-day lawbreakers – have left an extraordinary trail of criminality behind them. The often gruesome penalties exacted in retribution reveal a great deal about some of the most fascinating eras of British history.

IWM Spitfire Pilot Watch

A highly detailed timepiece reminiscent of Britain’s heroic past
RRP: £40

Created in partnership with Limit Watches and designed by the Imperial War Museum, this Pilot Watch has a vintage design with some nice touches for admirers of Britain’s most famous fighter. The clock face itself is inspired by the cockpit dials and readout displays.

Golden Quill, Ink & Stand

Add a touch of luxury to your letters with this writing set
RRP: £19.40

Bringing back some of the elegance and finesse of classic writing, this quill and ink set from Pen Heaven is a fantastic gift for the kind of person who you always struggle to find something for. The steel nib has some great detailing, it comes with a bottle of ink and it has a desk stand for the pen itself, so you’ll be all set. 

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