Save rhinos and win tons of prizes!

Our friends over at World Of Animals magazine will donate ten per cent of its profits to the Ol Pejetea conservancy in Africa to help fight illegal rhino poaching with the campaign Save Rhinos Now. Unfortunately, due to the Ebola outbreak, Ol Pejeta has been hit hard by a decrease in tourism, so now more than ever it needs our help.


This whole week (starting Monday 26 January) World Of Animals is launching Rhino Week, a whole week dedicated to raising as much funds for this worthwhile cause as possible, while also giving away some fun rhino-themed prizes along the way. These fantastic prizes range from Ol Pejeta goodybags to the opportunity to be a zookeeper for a day, so as well as helping these endangered animals, you could pick up some great prizes!

Foreground- Najin & keeper, Background- Fatu

You can get involved right now by visiting World Of Animals’ dedicated Save Rhinos Now section and following them on Twitter. If you wish to donate directly you can visit Ol Pejeta’s Just Giving page.