Victoria’s Labour of Love: Explore History issue 5 is out now!

Explore History issue 5 is on sale now and there’s so much to discover inside. You’ll uncover stories from Victoria and Albert’s happiest years on the Isle of Wight, to the stone heads of Easter Island, and beyond to the dispute over where the Battle of Hastings really took place in 1066.

Victoria’s Labour of Love 

Queen Victoria is an enduring icon of British history, famous for her long reign and role as empress of India among many other accomplishments. In issue 5, we go inside Osborne House on the Isle of Wight where Victoria, her beloved Albert and their family enjoyed their most peaceful and content moments. Osborne was also a great comfort to Victoria after Albert’s untimely death in 1861, and you can discover the full story of the queen’s island retreat in the new issue of Explore History.



Unearthing the moai of Easter Island

In this issue we also head to one of the world’s most famous historical sites, Easter Island. The most remote inhabited island in the world, it has plenty of secrets still to reveal.



Tragedy at the fairy tale castle

You’ll also discover the immense tragedy lurking within Neuschwanstein Castle’s fairytale walls, dreamt up by Bavaria’s Ludwig II, and find out how he met a mysterious end.



Also inside… 
– In search of 1066
– City guide to Golden Age Amsterdam
– Rudyard Kipling in India
– Neuschwanstein Castle’s tragic fairytale
– Heritage Hero: Honor Frost
– 10 Treasures of Singapore’s National Museum
– Sacred places of mystery & wonder
– Alexander Vlahos: My Favourite Places
– Orkney’s Italian Palace
– Historic tin mines in Cornwall
– Swedish museum ships
– Martello towers in Jersey
– Venice’s must-see churches

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