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Military Heroes of the 20th Century

The 20th century saw some of the largest, most technically advanced conflicts the world had yet experienced. Discover the true military heroes that fought in its wars and why they’re deserving of the ultimate accolades. You’ll meet winners of the Medal of Honor and the Victoria Cross, explore the beginnings of special forces, and learn about the resistance fighters and defenders who gave everything to protect their homes. From the man who took on five tanks to the volunteer who infiltrated Auschwitz, meet the ultimate heroes of war’s most turbulent century.
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Book of Dunkirk

Discover the true story behind the iconic rescue mission that saved the lives of thousands of Allied soldiers during the Second World War. The History of War Book of Dunkirk examines the events that led up to it, how the biggest evacuation in military history unfolded, from the plans and decisions made, to the ships, weapons, and key players involved. This essential companion also includes frontline photos and exclusive first-hand testimonies from those that were there.
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Battle of the Atlantic

For more than five years and eight months, the most gruelling and protracted conflict of World War II played out across the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. The Battle of the Atlantic – a name coined by Winston Churchill – may have been far removed from the brutal, land-based combat on the Eastern or Western fronts, but it was no less significant. Wolf packs of German U-boats stalked and preyed upon enemy shipping convoys, while Allied commanders did everything to ensure that these vital lifelines to Britain weren’t cut off. In this bookazine, you’ll explore the events, technology and people that drove this unprecedented conflict. Through expert features, stunning photography and first-hand accounts, discover the incredible stories of genius, heroism and betrayal that shaped World War II.
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