Explore one of the greatest cities of the Ancient World with Virtual Rome

If you had a choice, where and when would you like to go in history? For us, Ancient Rome has to be near the top. Imagine seeing the hustle and bustle of one of the centres of the ancient world along with landmarks such as the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus? Sadly unless time machines are invented, this won’t happen any time soon, but the Ancient History Encyclopedia might have the next best thing…

D. Matthew Nicholls from the University of Reading sat down with James Lloyd, the Video Editor for Ancient History Encylopedia, to discuss his Virtual Rome project.This project recreates the city of Rome c. 317, including vast public buildings such as the Colosseum as well as shady backstreets full of tavernas. The techniques required to make such an architecturally diverse model vary, as does the amount of information available to inform the creative process.

In a world of advancing technology, Dr Nicholls looks at how models such as his can be utilised inside (and outside) the classroom in order to bring Ancient Rome to life, and how the creative process of building a 3D reconstruction can prompt us to ask important questions about the historical sources that inform our understanding of the eternal city.

Dr Matthew Nicholls also explains how he first became interested in 3D modelling, and how you can start making your own 3D models of the ancient world using free software such as Sketchup, as well as discussing some of the ways his 3D model is being used elsewhere, such as the MMORPG Life Of Rome.

This video was originally published by the Ancient History Encyclopedia.

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