The biggest party in history


Many students would like to claim to have thrown the biggest or best party ever, but even the most insane Facebook gathering would have trouble matching up to this little historical get together.

When the Roman Colosseum opened in 80 AD it was the culmination of ten years of work, and the opening ceremony to celebrate it’s completion went down in history. You may think a party that lasts all week is long, but the folks in Rome celebrated for 100 days straight. During this epically long party, around 9000 animals were killed – a trend that would continue throughout the events in the Colosseum, and it is thought that certain species became extinct as a result of this. But it wasn’t just animals that lost their lives – 2000 gladiators were killed in the opening ceremonies.

But that’s not all, outside the Colosseum men enjoyed a Naumachia, these were battles staged with mock waterways, shipwrecks and ships, all constructed with the intention of being destroyed in the bloody battle. Slaves and prisoners would be pitted against each other and fight to the death in the mock naval battles that claimed thousands of lives. Perhaps it’s for the best that these kinds of parties are left firmly in history.

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