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The Special Air Service, and Long Range Desert Group conducted daring, clandestine operations behind enemy lines in the desert of North Africa, the Mediterranean, Occupied France, and beyond. The men who fought and died in these operations were highly trained, immensely brave and up until recently have largely gone unrecognised. Now, The SAS & LRDG Roll of Honour recounts the incredible stories of some 374 Special Forces casualties, who are commemorated in sites across 17 different countries.

Captain Easonsmith took this photograph of the SAS after their first raid, named Operation Squatter Credit: The family of the late Lt-Col ‘Jake’ Easonsmith


The book’s author, who goes by the name Ex-Lance-Corporal X, QGM, spent 13 years researching and compiling the book’s service records, medal citations and operational reports. 100% of profits from the book’s first run is being donated to the construction of memorials and the running of service charities.


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