Win a set of W. Britain Viking models worth over £100!

On the 8th of June 793, Viking long ships appeared of the Northeast coast of England in Northumberland to raid the abbey on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. In a short period of time, the abbey and surrounding village was destroyed with many of the Monks falling victim to the “wolves from the sea.” Those that were not killed were carried away as slaves along with the church treasures.

Of course, these bearded warrior folk weren’t just about the pillaging and slaughter, and their adventures across the sea have lately sparked new interest among modern audiences. Just this year alone the BBC’s hugely successful Medieval epic The Last Kingdom hit our screens and History’s acclaimed Vikings charged on into its fourth season.


Of course, 2016 has also marked the 900th anniversary of the Battle of Stamford Bridge, which saw Harold Godwinson’s Anglo-Saxon force take on a Viking invasion army bent on seizing the English throne. Often left in the shadows by the Battle of Hastings, this clash was nonetheless an incredibly decisive moment for the future of England.

In celebration of this legendary clash of arms, quality toy model producer W. Britain has produced its Wrath of the Northmen collection. Complete with Saxon shield wall defenders, charging Viking axmen, and other detailed scenes,this collection brings the combat of the period to life with detailed arms and armour.


By answering the question below correctly, one lucky winner will become the proud owner of three models from W. Britain’s fantastic Wrath of the Northmen collection, worth a total of £104.97. These are just three of the 21 exquisitely detailed models in the collection – for more information, to view the entire set and more,  visit:

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