WIN an all-new war documentary!

Based on the prize-winning book, powerful BBC WWI documentary series Long Shadow: The Great War makes its UK DVD debut courtesy of Simply Media.

Renowned British historian David Reynolds explores the enduring impact of The Great War on our world and the shadow it has cast over Europe since the last shots were finally fired.

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In the series, Reynolds aims to change the perceptions of World War I from the mud, blood, Tommies and trenches to give a sense of the broader consequences of war and its effect over the whole of the 20th century.

Travelling to locations across Europe – from Slovenia to the Sudetenland, Belfast to Berlin – he examines everything that World War I left in its wake, illuminating how the conflict unleashed forces we still grapple with today.

This remarkable series also chronicles how the experience of war haunted the generation who lived through it, and the soldiers who survived it – dynamic characters such as Benito Mussolini, Éamon de Valera, Philippe Petain, James Ramsay MacDonald and Thomáš Masaryk.

Drawing on years of research and a wealth of historical footage, Long Shadow provides a fresh, captivating and – at times – terrifying look at The Great War and its lasting legacy.
WIN an all-new war documentary!

WIN an all-new war documentary!