The Bird Catcher 2019: Exclusive trailer and artwork for true WWII thriller

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Launched in April 1940, Operation Weserübung was Nazi Germany’s invasion of Norway and Denmark, aiming to take control of the countries’ vital resources and ports. The relatively brief but bloody campaign resulted in the capitulation of both countries, and almost simultaneously the emergence of determined resistance groups.

August Diehl stars as Nazi officer Herman, bent on executing Germany’s policies of persecution and genocide

Released in UK cinemas and digitally on 4 October, The Bird Catcher tells the true story of Esther, a Jewish teenager forced to flee persecution and certain death at the hands of the Nazi occupiers, in 1942. On her journey she encounters both resistance fighters and collaborators among the population, forcing her to conceal her true identity in a desperate bid to survive.

The Bird Catcher reveals how the Holocaust affected Occupied Norway during WWII

From the producers of Churchill and Peterloo, and starring August Diehl (Inglorious Basterds), The Bird Catcher uncovers a lesser-known chapter of the Holocaust, and provides a revealing narrative of the divided loyalties and fatal decisions made by ordinary people living through Europe’s darkest period.

Signature Entertainment presents The Bird Catcher in Cinemas, Digital HD & DVD from 4th October