The 20 Toughest Commando Missions revealed in History of War issue 19!

As British forces evacuated Dunkirk in 1940, a new type of soldier was being created to strike back at Germany. The Commandos were born shortly after and would be a thorn in the side of not only the Nazis, but many other enemies of Britain from the Falklands to Afghanistan. Relive their toughest ever missions in our comprehensive rundown. Let us know if we’ve missed any.

We haven’t quite gone full commando this month though, we also have these great features:

• Revenge of the Red Army: Stalin’s unstoppable march to Berlin
• America’s untold revolution: Why Europe really won the war of independence
• Operation Overlord: The strategies behind the Allied invasion
• Battleship showdown between Russia and Japan at Port Arthur
• A trip though the M33 Gallipoli ship
• The secret war tunnels of World War I

And much, much more!

Scroll down for a sneak peek of some of the pages on offer in issue 19:

History of War issue 19 preview
Just how brave were Britain’s commando teams in World War II? Find out about their 20 toughest ever missions that pushed the units to the limit
History of War issue 19 preview
Discover how the Red Army turned the tide against the Wehrmacht war machine
History of War issue 19 preview
Join D-Day veteran Ron Peet as he relives his amazing experiences

History of War issue 19 preview

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