US to Deploy Warships in Preparation for Sochi Olympics


During the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, the US is preparing plans to have two warships on standby in the Black Sea to evacuate Americans in the case of a terror attack or other emergencies, even though President Vladimir Putin is stating that the event will be extremely safe with more than 40,000 police officers on duty. In spite of his words, the State Department has warned Americans planning to attend the Games to be vigilant about their security because of potential terrorist threats.

Tensions over security in Russia are escalating as a number of countries say that they have received terrorist threats against their athletes ahead of the Winter Olympics, including Britain, Italy, Germany and Hungary. Having received threatening emails, they have been warned of attacks against competitors and delegates if they travel to the games in Sochi.

However, the British Olympic Association and the International Olympic Committee Described the email as not-credible, believing it to have been circulated widely with no intention of carrying out any criminal or terrorist activity. Security has been extremely high in recent months, especially so in the run up to the games as last month, the southern city of Volgograd was rocked by suicide bombings, which killed 34 people and injured dozens more.

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