George VI’s fight against fascism: History of Royals issue 12 on sale now

In issue 12 of History of Royals, read all about how George VI boosted WWII morale, discover how Victoria’s secret became the curse of the kings and take a look back through the family tree of the Spanish Bourbons.


George VI’s last stand

Refusing to leave London at the outbreak of war, King George became a symbol of reliance, hope and determination during World War II. Choosing to suffer alongside his people instead of retreating to safety, few could have predicted the type of king he would ultimately become.

Victoria’s secret:

A curse of the kings, haemophilia carried by the queen wrecked havoc on the family for a century. Find out how far they were willing to go to save those who were suffering.


America’s tyrant

One project’s aim to delve deeper into the character behind one of the most notorious Hanoverians: George III.

The Nazi duke

The doted upon grandson of Queen Victoria embraced his German heritage and put his full support behind Kaiser Wilhelm and the Nazis.

Also inside:

  • Queen Christina: Sweden’s enigma
  • Inside the Chåteau de Fontainebleu
  • Isabella of France takes revenge
  • Discover the terrifying army behind the Byzantine Empire
  • The Grand Duchess Valdimir tiara
  • Interview with author and historian, Richard Barber


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