History of War magazine is a brand new magazine dedicated to the exploration of armed conflict throughout the ages. As your number one print publication on all things military, it reflects on the great campaigns, characters, weapons and machines of war – not just from the 20th Century, but back through the Napoleonic era to the Middle Ages and beyond.

Every month, the team at History of War will bring you the finest and most informed writing from leading historians and authors, including Antony Beevor, Jeremy Paxman, Brian Moynahan and Kate Adie, and will shine a whole new light on the battles and fighting men and women of the past. Each issue will be packed with features written by these historians and military experts, providing you with accurate, entertaining and enlightening information.

As well as all this, we also feature reviews on the latest books and films, revisit the past by taking a look at battlefield tours, inform you of the latest military news for each month, and much more!