All About History issue 31: A look inside the enduring legend of the gunpowder plot

Remember, remember the fifth of November!

It’s been 410 years since Guy Fawkes was caught red handed while trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Since the failed gunpowder plot, the legend has endured, but it is often forgotten that it wasn’t just a one-man act. There were 13 conspirators in total and Fawkes wasn’t even the leader of this band of rebels. AAH delivers the facts and the untold stories behind the most famous of plots.

It’s not just Guy Fawkes this issue though, here’s what else to expect:

Henry V: The Butcher Of Agincourt: The story of what made the devout king lead his man to battle, and how he triumphed against the odds in one of the greatest English victories of all time.
Survive the Great Purge: How long would you last in the Stalin’s era of terror?
Blitz Kids: How children coped growing up in an era of total war.
Death of a Suffragette: : Emily Davison and the truth behind her tragic death.

And much, much more!

Scroll down for some a sneak peek of what’s to come in the issue:

All About History issue 31 preview

All About History issue 31 preview

All About History issue 31 preview

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All About History issue 31 preview