Boost your brain power with the latest edition of Brain Dump magazine!

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A totally new breed of digital-only science magazine, Brain Dump offers readers a regular flurry of fascinating facts for an unbelievably low price, and the second issue is now on sale from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Packed with incredible illustrations and mind-blowing knowledge, Brain Dump is a digital magazine that reduces tough-to-grasp concepts into bite-size, easy-to-learn articles. Every issue will deliver fact-filled answers to questions about science, nature, space, technology and transport direct to an iOS device.

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Armed with amazing answers to perennial posers such as why woodpeckers don’t get headaches, how sharks navigate and what earwax is made of, each issue of Brain Dump promises to boost readers’ brainpower, providing instant information that will impress friends and relatives alike. With an easy-to-understand style and attention-grabbing graphics Brain Dump will enthral readers of all ages, from eight to eighty.

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