Delve into 19th Century London with Jack the Ripper

It is the cold case that has puzzled people for over a century: who was Jack the Ripper? The identity of the mysterious serial killer behind the Whitechapel murders is yet to be discovered, despite many theories and apparent breakthroughs (including the recent discovery involving a disappointingly mundane scarf). In our latest bookazine, All About History Book of Jack the Ripper, we explore all the evidence, police reports, witness accounts and documents related to this gruesome case so you can make up your own mind. Complete with original photos of scenes and victims, this book is not for the faint of heart, but for those eager to discover the truth behind one of London’s darkest times. We’ve even gathered the most likely and most popular suspects, together with the evidence that pointed towards them, so who knows – you could be staring into the cold, dead eyes of Jack the Ripper himself within these pages.


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