Delve into the secrets of the ‘unsinkable’ ship in the Book Of The Titanic

Brand new from All About History, this bookazine is your essential guide to the Titanic. Follow the full story of this momentous ship from its planning stages to the disaster that made it go down in history. Featuring the blueprints and dimensions to the treacherous conditions that would cause its downfall, this book will take you through the lives of the men, women and children on board, as well as the aftermath of the disaster that shook the world.



Also discover everything you need to know about the recent expeditions to inspect and preserve the wreckage of the ship itself.




Learn exactly what caused the ship to collide with the iceberg that brought about its fateful end.




Also featuring details about the rich and famous passengers on board, the rescue efforts and the glamour on board before it all went wrong, this is the essential guide for anyone with an interest in the vessel and its incredible story.


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