Follow Queen Victoria’s reign with the Book of the Victorians

During the course of Queen Victoria’s reign, Britain underwent such a remarkable period of upheaval that the nation’s influence extended to the furthest reaches of the globe. From the living conditions of Victoria’s poor to the personal life of a steely monarch, All About History‘s new Book of the Victorians allows you to explore the era through vivid articles, imagery and illustrations. You will step back in time and learn how such a small island garnered the might to dominate the world.


In it, uncover the personal and public lives of a monarch who reigned over a vast empire for 63 years…



Understand how the second phase of the Industrial Revolution saw inventive spirit soar and industry flourish…



And discover how Britain’s imperial ambitions were realised, leading to an empire on which the sun never set…


The Book of the Victorians is available now from all good newsagents, or online from the Imagine Shop.