History of War issue 84 competitions and Ebook downloads

With History of War issue 84 you can get three fantastic books direct to your computer or tablet. Simply click below to access your books. Also this issue, History of War readers have the chance to WIN a set of IWM novels worth over £70!

WIN a set of IWM novels worth over £70!

Squadron Airborne tells the story of Peter Stuyckes, a 19-year-old pilot officer, during one week of his service in a fictional Fighter Command station in 1940. The author, Elleston Trevor, was himself an RAF flight engineer and was most famous for his 1964 novel Flight Of The Phoenix which was made into two Hollywood films. Due for publication on 10 September, Squadron Airborne is the latest in IWM’s Wartime Classics series.   

This issue, one lucky History of War reader will win a set of eight novels from the series, including Squadron Airborne.

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Ebook Downloads for History of War issue 85

Book of the RAF

Celebrating and commemorating over 100 years of the Royal Air Force, discover the story of the people, planes and missions as never before. From its genesis in the horrors of the First World War, when pilots were open to the elements in craft made of wood and fabric, to the infamous Battle of Britain of the Second World War, through to the lifesaving missions carried out in today’s trouble zones, this book looks at the men, women and aircraft that are at the heart of this great service.
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Book of the Battle of Britain

Few campaigns within either of the world wars are as well-known and remembered as the Battle of Britain. Foremost a conflict in the sky, although its effects were also felt keenly on the ground, discover all there is to know about this epic battle.
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Hitler at War

Chronicling the life and crimes of one of history’s greatest monsters, Hitler at War looks at the Führer’s early years, his remarkable rise to power and his attempts to conquer Europe. Discover the ten moments that defined Hitler’s life, including his first days in the Nazi Party, the ruthless ‘Night of the Long Knives’ and his final hours in the Führerbunker. In-depth features offer insight into some of the key battles and military moments of World War II – from the early successes of Hitler’s ‘blitzkrieg’ strategy and his plans to invade Britain to the doomed decision to take on the might of Stalin’s Russia and the Third Reich’s last stand in Berlin. We also explore Hitler’s leadership style and its impact on the war, as well as the strategic mistakes that would ultimately lead to his demise and the downfall of Nazi Germany. 
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