Our History Heroes: An interview with our Art Editor, Kym Winters

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, our team chooses the historical figure whose story inspires them.

This month, All About History celebrates its 10th anniversary. For ten years we’ve been bringing you thrilling tales of kings and queens, ancient armies, world wars and so much more! To celebrate, the team at All About History have each chosen a historical hero whose story inspires them. For our latest Q&A with a member of the team, we hear from our Art Editor, Kym Winters.

Kym Winters, All About History’s Art Editor

Please introduce yourself.

Hello there. My name is Kym Winters and I’ve been the resident Art Editor for All About History since issue 73. I’ve worked on a variety of different magazines over my career and can honestly say that history is the most interesting and varied subject to date.

Can you tell us a little bit about your role on the magazine?

As Art Editor, I’m responsible for all the visuals and layouts in All About History. I also liaise with our very talented illustrators who create our stunning imagery.

Who is your historical hero?

My historical hero is Frida Kahlo, a Mexican self-portrait painter and cultural icon.

Why are they historically important?

Frida Kahlo is historically important because she made such a huge contribution to Mexican art and culture, and her popularity and talent helped to elevate Mexican art internationally. She also lived an incredible life and was never afraid to be herself, often refusing to conform to traditional gender stereotypes. It was common for Kahlo to dress in typically male or genderless clothing, and in doing so she created an immensely powerful and iconic image of herself that transcended the boundaries of her sex. Serving as a role model for both artists and women for generations, she was also very politically active and made sure her voice was heard, despite the stress that being so vocal had on her physical health. As a woman living with disabilities and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community she was a trailblazer and while she is remembered as a hugely talented artist who changed the face of Mexican art, she is also immortalised as a feminist and LGBTQ+ icon.

What is it about their life that inspires you?

I always focused on portraiture when I studied art in school and was given Frida Kahlo as a selected artist to base a project on. Since then I have admired Frida Kahlo as both an artist and as a person. The courage she showed in the face of overwhelming adversity and her ability to turn both her physical and emotional pain into such striking and beautiful paintings is so inspirational. She never hid who she was and never shied away from using her painting to shout what needed to be said, no matter how taboo the subject matter. She is a constant reminder for me that I can thrive and not just survive, no matter what the world throws at me.

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